The Road to Emmaus

It’s hard to believe that just three days before Jesus walked with Cleopas and the other disciple that He hung on that cross.  And for us, a month later, doesn’t it seem so distant that we spent 6 in LENT grappling with and experiencing together the 24 hours that led up to His death on the cross and His burial? How can this story show me how I can be more intentionally one of Jesus’ apprentices, His disciples? It was only after Jesus and the disciples came to Emmaus; after Jesus had broken the bread; and, after He had vanished yet again, that the disciples understood what had happened. Luke tells us that Cleopas and the other disciple thought back and remembered that on the road that their “hearts were burning” when Jesus was sharing the scriptures with them. And their “eyes were opened” while He was breaking the bread. Two actions; “Hearing the scriptures” and “Breaking the bread” brought them to a place where they could do nothing less than run back those seven miles to Jerusalem to proclaim their testimony!


Rev. David Lose, a Lutheran clergy, likens that whole Emmaus account to our Worship Experience.  First, the Gathering, Jesus meeting the disciples on the road; Second, the revealing of the scriptures; Third, the breaking of the bread and finally, the disciples recognized Jesus and hurrying out to proclaim what they had experienced. Could it be that what was passed down through the centuries, millennia really, was that the only way that we can really share Jesus is if we spend time in the scriptures and in Holy Communion, participating in breaking the bread.


Oh, I know, sitting and reading the scriptures for some of you is labor intensive.  You just don’t like it.  I understand. Not everyone is a reader.  So I want to challenge you. What if you were to listen to the Word through a daily devotion on your phone or laptop/computer? Below, are suggested sites you can put in your phone or where ever you are reading this that may bring you closer to sharing Jesus more easily. I once read, “You can’t give what you don’t have.” Do you remember those wrist bands, “What Would Jesus Do?” I always thought how could anyone know WWJD if they did not spend time knowing Jesus through the scriptures and in their prayer and devotion time and the breaking of the bread?


I think of those disciples on the Emmaus Road and how disappointed they were until they heard Jesus share the scriptures starting with Moses and until Jesus broke the bread. As disciples of Jesus, we are in such compromising times and Jesus wants to intimately fellowship with us.  Will you spend time in the scriptures until your heart is burning? When you come to the table will you experience Jesus in the breaking of the bread where ever you are? 


Thank you my friends, for allowing Jesus to speak to you in the scriptures and for remembering that in breaking of the bread you are given opportunity to come close to Him. 


With more love than you know…joy, joy


Sites that may be right for you as you desire to grow closer to Jesus:

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Our Daily Bread:

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