During the month of October, thousands of people pass through our patch. Not only is the pumpkin patch a fundraising effort for our mission and outreach programs,  is also a way for our church to be involved with the community. We love to see friends and neighbors come to enjoy the “sea” of orange pumpkins.  Many families mark the occasion with photographs of their children taken at the patch.  As a part of The Patch, preschools and elementary schools are invited to visit, hear a story and choose their unique pumpkin that is just their size.
‚ÄčYou will find pumpkins from baseball size to monsters that will take two people to carry – pumpkins and colorful gourds of every size and description – and maybe even some decorated and painted pumpkins. Prices for the pumpkins start as low as fifty cents. Everyone in the community is invited to come out and enjoy the Pumpkin Patch festivities. Dress the children in Halloween costumes and take fabulous pictures of them enjoying their day in a wondrous setting of thousands of Pumpkins.
Did You Know?
Last year, the Cason Pumpkin Patch made over $30,000!  After paying for the pumpkins and other expenses, $7,000 was distributed to the Missions and Ministries of Cason United Methodist Church, such as Ignite Student Ministry, Family Promise, Bag Lunch, Music Ministries and More.  Money from pumpkin sales also went to support the missions of United Methodist Woman from Climate Justice to Economic Inequality.  
Support for all of these worthwhile causes was made possible by all the people who make our pumpkin patch their preferred destination for their pumpkin purchases!

Pumpkin Patch returns in: