“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”  

Mark 11:24

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Anonymous, December 2, 2019 - 3:15 pm

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needsJesus Christ. Please pray God to open Eric’s eyes to his needs forJesus Christ. Pray for God’s grace to help Eric to turn to Jesus Christ and saved!

Anonymous, November 21, 2019 - 1:56 pm

I am crying for your help regarding my son Dan and his work, please help him be prosperous and successful in his career, this is taking toll on us financially, I am so ready to die, I cannot take this pressure, I am 69 years and have been praying for 10 years and nothing seems to be working, please help him to listen and open his horizon. Please help him and his girlfriend get married have a wonderful relationship and happiness with prosperity I need your prayers, I am end of my rope

Kimberly Vonnieda, November 17, 2019 - 4:46 pm

I humbly ask for deep prayer. I am a sinner and I violated my husband's trust when I stepped out of my marriage with an Affair. I was suffering a complete mental break and sought to run away instead of confronting all that was happening. My actions were so unforgiveable yet I pray that he can forgive me that he would refresh his heart. I committed myself to God and repented of all the pain and hurt I had caused all who I love. I look at myself and I can not even stand to be in my own skin with the fact of all the pain I have caused. I love my husband and my family. God has bestowed his mercy upon me and has saved me from the destruction I caused by my own hand. If he can take someone like me and use for his glory - I give all that I am to him. I pray that somewhere my husband can forgive me and see me with a new heart and look upon me and see me the way God sees me. I have nothing to give them but my love and my devotion. The woman God is making me is the woman I should have always been. The way I treated my family was as if they did not matter but in fact - I can't exist without them. Please pray that my husband can find a place for me in his heart - that he will let me be the wife I should have always been. I pray the lessons I have learned are not too late to save my marriage. I believe God can restore all things. I pray no outside influence can come between us and that God will protect us as we try to reconcile and heal that which is so broken. This is not just a prayer request - it is a plea for deliverance and salvation - restoration of our Marriage - one flesh - as God has put together let no man put asunder. Thank you for your prayers.

Anonymous, November 17, 2019 - 12:52 am

MumbaiPls pls pray for the safe and healthy pregnancy of my daughter henna. Last time she had an etopic pregnancy which did not survive. Pls pls pray she has a normal pregnancy and gets a healthy baby 🙏🙏. Thankyou

Anonymous, November 10, 2019 - 8:28 pm

I want to be able to Tithe more. Pray that my car loan will be miraculously paid off by years end.

Anonymous, November 10, 2019 - 5:31 pm

Please pray that my wife's heart will change and heal her heart return to the Lord and do as he wishes and also break ungodly soul ties and honor her wedding vows and not break them. Right now her heart is very hurt and hard towards God and me. Her name is Joylene. Also pray that I receive a new full time job soon.

Shahana Yasmin, November 9, 2019 - 10:45 am

Please pray very hard for my mother Kebira Begum so that she agrees to do the Spine surgery ( CORD COMPRESSION) immediately to avoid further medical complications or be permanently paralytic for life, Amen

Anonymous, November 6, 2019 - 11:16 am

please pray for animal shelter to gte a home offers for 3 poor dogs ,Pray for the pets to gte a dopted very soon or they can be euthanased in short time. Thanks

Tim Mckenzie 2, October 28, 2019 - 6:52 pm

Please PRay that I would do a very good job at my new job at Riveira Resort at Disneyworld I have some disabiltiies that I would not be nervous be comfortable in the environement and not be overwhelmed thanks GOd bless u

Diana Theilgaard, October 24, 2019 - 3:27 pm

Please remember me to God as Monday I will have large and small intestine resection. This on top of my battle with metastasized cancer to my liver and bones. God hears his children.