Prayer Request

Richard Stewart, November 6, 2020 - 2:24 pm

Janice Schwartz reports the following:

I'm sorry to have to share that Stuart has developed another brain bleed. The neurosurgeon is recommending we wait two weeks (as long as he doesn't develop symptoms of stroke) and then have another cat scan. They will decide then if they need to do surgery again to relieve the pressure.

Meanwhile, he has been diagnosed with shingles in his left eye, probably due to stress. We appreciate your prayers on his behalf.

Lord Jesus, we know that You are the Great Physician and thank you for giving Stuart the comfort, strength, and grace to heal and regain his blessed life. We lift up your servant Janice and the family as they care for him, and thank you for giving Stuart's medical team the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to diagnose and treat his health issues. We pray in the strong name of Jesus, by the power of His shed blood and the Holy Spirit authority that brought our Savior out of His tomb, and we rebuke the malaise from which Stuart suffers and banish it to cease harming him. Thank You, Jesus. .