Prayer Request

Lorraine Pollachek, March 13, 2020 - 12:20 pm

I'm having so much trouble with Type II Diabetes and the cost of my 5x concentrated insulin. My copay is $888.79 per month and my Social Security Disability benefit doesn't even cover my insulin and mortgage. I only have 4 days of insulin left and I am going into the hospital early Monday morning March 16 for spinal surgery I've been waiting for over a year and a half. I am asking Cason's congregation to pray on my behalf for help with my finances, refilling my insulin, and a full and quick recovery from my surgery so that I can stand and walk again without this terrible pain. I ask these blessings from God and pray in Jesus' name that He will answer our prayers for me and for everyone else at Cason and the world over in need of His Grace and Blessings.