Prayer Request

Kimberly Vonnieda, November 17, 2019 - 4:46 pm

I humbly ask for deep prayer. I am a sinner and I violated my husband's trust when I stepped out of my marriage with an Affair. I was suffering a complete mental break and sought to run away instead of confronting all that was happening. My actions were so unforgiveable yet I pray that he can forgive me that he would refresh his heart. I committed myself to God and repented of all the pain and hurt I had caused all who I love. I look at myself and I can not even stand to be in my own skin with the fact of all the pain I have caused. I love my husband and my family. God has bestowed his mercy upon me and has saved me from the destruction I caused by my own hand. If he can take someone like me and use for his glory – I give all that I am to him. I pray that somewhere my husband can forgive me and see me with a new heart and look upon me and see me the way God sees me. I have nothing to give them but my love and my devotion. The woman God is making me is the woman I should have always been. The way I treated my family was as if they did not matter but in fact – I can't exist without them. Please pray that my husband can find a place for me in his heart – that he will let me be the wife I should have always been. I pray the lessons I have learned are not too late to save my marriage. I believe God can restore all things. I pray no outside influence can come between us and that God will protect us as we try to reconcile and heal that which is so broken. This is not just a prayer request – it is a plea for deliverance and salvation – restoration of our Marriage – one flesh – as God has put together let no man put asunder. Thank you for your prayers.