Peace Be With You

Worship at Cason these weeks after Easter Sunday are rich.  We are spending three weeks in the midst of recognizing that Jesus Is Still Here after His resurrection. Last week, we met the disciples (maybe there were 10 or maybe more) in a locked room for fear of what may happen to them because they were followers of Jesus! John 20 tells us that: it was the evening of the first day of the week when Jesus came and stood among them. In Biblical times and, even today on most calendars, the first day of the week is Sunday. You will recall for our Jewish brothers and sisters that the Sabbath is sundown Friday evening to sundown Saturday evening. For Christians, the first day of the week is when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  Every Sunday is a little Easter.

Jesus appeared the morning of that first day of the week to Mary in the garden tomb and now to the disciples in the locked room. Among them, Jesus’ first words were peace with you and then He showed them His wounds. I want to remind you that last Sunday, I asked you what you thought of the Resurrected Jesus still having the wounds of His horrific experience. Think about that deeply.  I’d love to hear your responses.  Are those wounds disturbing or a comfort or do they make you feel guilty and do they give you peace? He, then, breathed the power of the Holy Spirit on them.  Friends, that power is ours as well, Jesus continuously breathes the Spirit into us. And finally, He gave the disciples (and us now) “Marching Orders.”  I will always be humbled by His mission: that we would live a life of forgiveness. In fact, Jesus gives us the power to forgive or to not forgive. We have that choice.  So, here’s what I think. I believe that a Christian cannot hope to have peace without forgiving and that a Christian is not strong enough to forgive with out the power of the Holy Spirit.  So you see, when Jesus came into that locked room to bring first peace; then, the Holy Spirit and finally, the power to forgive, He came to say to all of us, that they will know that we are Christians by our Love. Cason, because of Jesus in our lives, we are the place Where All Will Find And Know The Love of God! 

This Sunday,  we welcome yet another reminder that Jesus Is Still Here when, with the disciples, we meet Jesus at the beach, making a camp fire and encouraging His disciples in living the abundant life.  Don’t miss a minute of praise and worship; of prayer and proclaiming the Word and sweet fellowship.  Sunday, 9:15 and 11:00.  


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