I’m Going Fishing

Will you take the blessing of grace or not? As I continue to reflect on Sunday’s sermon, Jesus Is Still Here: I’m Going Fishing, from John 21:1-17, I find that I must ask this question: Do I want the blessing of grace? Some of you may say that this is a strange question. But I think about all the things that I do to sacrifice that blessing from God. Shall I list them once more…maybe a few: I sacrifice grace when I fill my head and heart with life’s worries and non-essentials instead of God’s promises. I sacrifice grace when I hold on to and lose sleep over what God wanted to take from me before I even got into bed. I sacrifice grace when I “stew about” what I don’t have the power to change in a situation, or worse, in someone else.  And the list goes on.  And as I sacrifice the blessings of grace, where is Jesus? I’ll tell you. He’s cooking breakfast on the shoreline for you; He’s standing at your side nudging you to pay attention to Him.  He’s sitting with you at the computer or while you’re watching TV and He’s saying to stop and listen to Him because He’s the only One with Good News. And to the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, He’s saying, “Hey, come and have some breakfast…let’s talk. I have an abundance of grace to share with you.” Think of the blessings that come when you turn for, just a moment, from you and turn to Jesus! Wow! Breakfast with Jesus at every meal! 


But, at times, I have to ask, “Why does He bother?” There are more important people He can influence. And when I think of those first encounters after His Resurrection, I will always be struck that Jesus chose to be with His disciples. Wouldn’t it have been great if He had gone straight to Caiaphas’ house or to show up on Pilate’s doorstep and stand before them and gloat! (I may have wanted to do that!). Or stand in the middle of marketplace in Jerusalem with Roman Guards looking on and perform a miracle or two – just for spite! But there is no blessing and definitely no grace in “showing someone up” is there? The deepest and greatest blessings come in our lives when we have spent time with the Savior and recognize what He has done for us…the abundant grace, He has shown us. When Christ the King, desires to spend time with us and meet us in our lives, that’s true grace! And you know what?  Because of that abundant grace, we can get over ourselves and turn around and be a blessing of grace to others by forgiving them, sacrificing for them and touching their lives.


As you navigate through this pandemic and live your life, take a look at what you are doing, what you are saying, how you are thinking and why. If you are too focused on you and your stuff, you just may be missing the abundant grace and blessing of Jesus’ presence. Don’t miss breakfast with Jesus this week!

2 Responses to “I’m Going Fishing”

  1. Linda weiss says:

    Thanks so much for a fantastic sermon! It is thought provoking and insightful—and inspiring!
    The questions made me look at my thoughts-
    Am I worrying instead of worshipping?
    And if so, what can I do about it? I know God is there in control and He won’t let anything harm me. I must turn to God’s word when I get negative-I must depend on God only. He will lead me –
    Your sermon is such Good News! And now every time I eat, I’m eating with Jesus! He’s always with me.
    It has inspired me to keep checking my thoughts.
    Thanks so much for your service and live!
    To God be the Glory

  2. Patty Varesio says:

    This was truly thought provoking for me. Thank you for opening my eyes! We all worry needlessly & try to be in control of our lives, & forget that we’re not! Yes, I’m having breakfast, lunch & dinner with Jesus again, starting today! God is in control, always has been, He is now, & will be forevermore! LET GO LET GOD has been my motto for years. Unfortunately, not so much recently. Now that I’ve read your sermon my heart has feels lighter. Thank you for reminding me, Pastor Alexis. God bless you. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!

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