And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

I am always so touched with anticipation when Sam Owen brings the message.  Her presence, flow, knowledge and sheer joy in her delivery are obvious gifts from God.  This past Sunday’s message was no different.  As she unpacked the life of Joshua, I was reminded of how God’s hand was on Joshua from the beginning. As she shared, I could see Joshua’s faith growing.  Sam started in Numbers 13 (great read!) where God spoke to Moses to send the Israelite spies into Canaan, the Promise Land.  When they returned, the spies were amazed at how lush the land was (the Land of Milk and Honey), but because it was inhabited by giants, only Joshua and Caleb were willing to conquer the land. Why? Because Joshua and Caleb knew that God had promised this land. Thinking about it, what does that mean for us? Giants in our life may seem overwhelming, seemingly unable to fight off; however, if God is calling us, He will equip us and give us what He promises. I love that point.  Sam’s second point was just as poignant.  She took us to Jericho in Joshua 6 (don’t miss that read!).  It was here that God told Joshua to assemble the Israelites and march around the walls of Jericho 7 times (remember the song… “And the walls came a tumblin’ down).  Sometimes, God asks us to do strange things like march around a wall. And at times, He is very specific: march not 5 times or 8 times but 7 times around a wall or a circumstance. Joshua trusted God and God rewarded Joshua’s faithfulness. Sam’s last point took us back to Deuteronomy 31 where Moses called Joshua to succeed him. This leadership responsibility was relevant to Sam and our lives as leaders in our own situations. She likened it to taking on this leadership in her first year of teaching. The year before, she was an intern in a classroom. The lead teacher was always there to direct the students, just as Moses was there for the Israelites.  However, just as Moses passed the staff to Joshua, Sam’s first year teaching was on her own, it was her leadership that was required. 


Sam brought her message home: God gives us what we need to make transitions in our lives. For Joshua, it was to see beyond the giants; to be faithful to God even with a wall in front of him and finally, with the full blessing of God, for him to lead. Transitions are rarely easy, however; they bring us to a deeper dependence on God and move us toward being the person God created us to be. I am grateful to Sam for offering her wisdom beyond her years to us in worship.  Because of technical difficulties, many of you missed the last part of her sermon and the worship experience. If  you would like to be part of last Sunday’s worship experience – CLICK HERE

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