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Five days of service. A lifetime of rewards.

Week of Hope is a summer mission trip packed with practical acts of love and service. Our youth will build meaningful connections as they serve people through local ministries and nonprofit organizations. Teenagers will learn Christ-like empathy and compassion for others as they meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults. As students serve in the name of Jesus, they’ll develop friendships with the people being served, with teenagers on other teams, with members of their own youth group, and, most importantly, with Jesus. Denominational differences disappear as like-minded youth work together for a common purpose. It’ll awesome to watch!

Projects might include:
• Providing meals to the homeless
• Tutoring poor or struggling children
• Helping to lead a day camp for kids
• Organizing a home or sprucing up a dilapidated home
• Painting a room or deep-cleaning a home
• Working with disabled children
• Sharing stories with a lonely elderly person in an assisted-living facility

Our team’s acts of kindness will mean the world to the people we serve, but the impact on our youth will go even deeper. Spiritual growth is a top priority at all of our camps, and through meaningful worship and devotions, the lessons learned will take root in the hearts of our youth. Each day, students will enjoy meaningful, thematic worship and devotion times, plus opportunities for devotions. They’ll spend time together and connect more
deeply in their Christian faith. Programs are led by a well-trained staff —but we will have the chance to serve by leading parts of each worship program, including worship music. (Feel free to bring guitars, drums, harmonicas, banjos, and great voices!)

Our trip this summer will take us to Manassas, where we will be surrounded by land steeped in our country’s history—whether it is the short one-hour trip to visit Washington, D.C., or the quick drives to the historic Civil War battlefields that dot the Manassas landscape.

Despite the town’s historically rich past, homelessness is a real problem today. Many people face challenges associated with threats of severe temperature and the reality of hunger.

While we're working hard all over the city, we'll stay on the grounds of a church in Manassas. The church campus includes a track and large field behind the building for free time activities.

Summertime in Manassas means that a very unique day camp is in full swing. This camp provides school-aged children with growth opportunities throughout the summer in a fun, safe, and God-centered environment. The camp brings together both typically developing children and those with special needs, and integrates everyone into arts and crafts, music, drama, recreation, pool time, and overall life skills. This program depends on Week of Hope volunteers each summer to operate and could not exist without our help—so perhaps this is where we can have the greatest impact this summer!


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Below are some forms and documents that you will want to print and review. If you have any questions, please see David ASAP. (*PLEASE NOTE* - All Ignite Youth Members must fill out and return the Ignite Youth Group Parent/Guardian Consent Form and Indemnity Agreement.  These forms have been revised since last year and the new version must be on file before you can attend the mission trip)

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 - Ignite Youth Parent Guardian Consent Form and Indemnity Agreement

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- Week of Hope Program Description

- Week of Hope Program Theme

- Week of Hope Schedule

- Week of Hope FAQ

- Week of Hope Sample Menu

- Week of Hope Packing List

- Week of Hope Song List

- Week of Hope Devotionals

- Week of Hope Code of Conduct

- Week of Hope Participant Information Form

Each Youth Member going on the mission trip MUST fill out the Participant Information Form and return it to me not later than May 12th.  Those who do not turn their forms in will not be able to attend.