To grow healthy, organic foods and a greater sense of community. Be a positive forum for educating the community while instilling worthwhile values, building respect, acceptance and cooperation.

A garden is a non-threatening place for interaction among people of all ages and cultures, income levels and physical and mental abilities.


Our season begins in August with our seed workshop and finishes in April. We are closed for the hot summer months.  Our Master Gardener guides us through the process from seed to harvest. No experience is needed to participate. For a small fee you can be an  “organic farmer”.  All members are required to donate a portion of their bounty to the local food pantry.

How can I help?

Donate gardening tools, landscape supplies, mulch, labor
Become a member
Make a tax deductible donation

Sowing Seeds of Faith

With the combination of higher fuel and food prices, global warming, pollution and contaminated food scares, a whole new generation of food gardeners has emerged. These gardeners are interested in growing food, but they also see gardening as a way to reconnect with the natural world and their community, as well as part of a more sustainable lifestyle.

More information & application

Contact garden coordinators Candy Evans at onatripw3@gmail.com 561.374.2434 OR
Lori Robbins at LoriRobbins@comcast.net 561.271.2010