PLEASE NOTE: Once this request has been approved and placed on the Bus Schedule, a copy will be returned to you for your records.  Until you receive this copy or are notified by email, your request is not approved. All drivers must be on the Cason United Methodist approved driver list.  Addition to this list requires further paperwork that can be obtained from the church office and requires 10 business days to process.  Bus must be returned in the condition it was taken with a full tank of gas.  Check out and return of Bus must be scheduled with the Bus Coordinator.  Contact the office for further information.

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Today's Date
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All trips over 8 hours MUST have 2 drivers
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Cell # of Phone Being Carried On Trip
Bus capacity is 14 passengers + 1 driver. Each rider must have a seat belt.
Signing this document means you agree to abide by all policies and statues associated with the use of the Cason United Methodist Bus