Infant Baptism

Because an infant is not able to personally accept God’s gift of grace, the parents become part of the baptismal covenant as does the Cason Church family. Parent will be asked to make a covenant to raise the child in the Christian faith, help cultivate their children’s spiritual development and teach them to: live a life true to the gospel, worship God and learn from the Scriptures, and prepare the child to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ when they are old enough to do so. The Cason

Church family also makes a covenant to support the parents and the children as they grow in their faith. Infants are sprinkled with the water during the baptism. Parents need to meet with the pastor prior to the day the child is baptized.  Call the church office at 561-276-5302 or e-mail us to schedule your child’s baptism.

Adult, Youth, and Child Baptism and confirmation

This baptism is for those persons who have made the decision to follow Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Savior and were not baptized as infants.

Baptism is about publicly drawing a line in the sand, saying, “This is it. Today I want to show the world of my desire to live for Christ, to die to my old way of living and rise to my new life and live for Christ.”

Confirmation is for adults and youth who have been baptized as infants and who are now ready to make a covenant with Jesus Christ on their own – to “confirm” the vows that were taken for them when they were infants. A six-week class about the meaning of this covenant, the beliefs of Christians and United Methodists, the meaning of worship and service is required for anyone being confirmed.

To talk about taking these steps – Baptism or Confirmation – please call the church office at 561-276-5302 or e-mail us.